“I was born in Hawaii and I grew up in Japan. Through my elementary school and high school years, I attended an international school that structured education mainly for Christian missionary kids. The Christian conservative ideal didn’t sit well with me and to escape and explore different ideas, I turned to music and art. Rummaging through my dad’s music collection, I got to know some good stuff like Jimi Hendrix and the like. Since there weren’t any classic rock radio channels in Japan, everything felt like a new discovery. In middle school, the discovery of punk music allowed me to rebel against my school’s absolute truth of God and let me find my own beliefs and meaning.

I remember a family trip with a destination that I can’t remember. “Easy Rider” was playing on the airplane through the tiny video monitors. I listened to Jack Nicholson’s character talk about aliens in outer space living as individuals, being their own leaders, completely independent from everything. It blew me away. I made a vow that I will become my own leader and, since I can’t explore outer space, I will explore my inner space.

I became very fond of artists and musicians that shared their inner explosions and sublime thoughts, allowing an intimate experience for the lonely listener. Brian Wilson, Brian Eno, John Fahey, and countless electronic musicians filled my soul with comfort and a sense of security. Music can be one of the most personal possessions of an individual. The invention of head-phones and ear-phones has allowed the listener to become the music. The synthesis of the artist’s expressions and the listener’s interpretive sensations takes a form of a conglomerate subconscious. Wanna try?” – Dustin Wong

Seasons is Dustin’s first full-length release, available on LP only (with download cards included).  It is a collection of work recorded throughout the past few years, curated by the season each was written in. The range of sonic energy truly is like frequent changes of light and scenery, the inherent extremities of speed throughout the year and throughout Dustin’s life – a life as much about diligent contemplation as it is about a dedication to play.  Amazingly, this is only a small glimpse into the collection of impressive song-writing Dustin has created in his 25 years.

Dustin Wong is a member of Ponytail and a former member of Ecstatic Sunshine. With these two bands, he has toured the USA and Europe extensively.

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