Photo by Devon Deimler



RELEASED:           MAY 2007

RIYL: Glenn Branca, DNA, More Dogs

Thank You is a vibrant 3-piece quickly becoming the best band in Baltimore.

Jeff McGrath’s squirming guitar (LOW MODA) supplies intensely lyrical melody in WORLD CITY – the band’s first release – while Michael Byounkas’s (MORE DOGS) driving bass and organ ground Thank You’s dissonant, off-kilter noise. The boys of Thank You (at the time of World City) are backed by the band’s most captivating member, Elke KW, who plays technical and melodic jangle-drums akin to the weird techno of Silver Apples.

All three crash into each other and all other objects and instruments they may find to create a joyous new rock which is THANK YOU.

World City was recorded by J. Robbins and mixed by Chris Coady in the winter of 2007.

Thank You has toured with WZT Hearts and Mi Ami. Today Elke KW has moved to Berlin and Emmanuel Nicoladis (MORE DOGS) has joined the ruckus.

WORLD CITY is a CD-only release on WILDFIRE WILDFIRE RECORDS, an epic document. The band’s second release, TERRIBLE TWO, is released on THRILL JOCKEY RECORDS.

THANK YOU released their second full-length, Terrible Two, on THRILL JOCKEY RECORDS.

THANK YOU has toured the USA with full-tour partners Mi Ami, Wzt Hearts and Battles.

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