Three or four years ago, we started working together as peers, but more so as friends. We did it because it was fun. But also, we were desperately trying to defend our ideals: we knew they were being destroyed with various levels of intent by our bosses, our professors, and even some of our peers. Our intentions were vague, sometimes misguided, but with a retrospective view it is clear that our collaborations and projects have always been in the spirit of Revolution.

We organized trust falls over the office of our corrupt department chair (DEAD OR ALIVE), dispersed baseball bats to protesting students (GAME DAY), and made out in the hallways outside of the president’s office listening to Loveless and eating weed brownies. We tied bags of bees to the radio antennas of every Lexus and BMW we could find in Bolton Hill (HANG LOOSE). We padlocked the doors to the Maryland Institute College of Art while masquerading as homeless (BACK DOOR). Our work at the time believed in the Prank and the Party. By spreading feelings of positivity, hope, and excitement through shows and festivals, we helped blossom what is now called “The Young Baltimore Music Scene”.

Today, we work together in even more various forms and manifestations. Wildfire facilitates performances and releases music and artwork by the most forward looking bands and performers in the country, and we do it with a sense of care and hospitality that is rarely found outside of Europe. We make t-shirts and posters with the intention of advertising ideas and feelings, rather than brands or products or even sounds (I AM MY TSHIRT). We operate a fine dining speakeasy for friends and family (DIY BOURGEOIS). Today we believe in creating a parallel social structure, one that mirrors and even simulates the “everyday”, but disregards it, or at the very least, warps what is expected. Our world is curated, for friends, by friends, and also always for ourselves.


Devon Deimler, Matthew Papich

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